Access Steel

Southeastern retains access steel in-house, setting us apart from other structural steel fabricators, assuring higher quality and lower costs for our clients. We fabricate stair towers, steel stairs, and steel platforms from independent fabrication shops on our twenty-four-acre property.

Access Steel Products

Steel Stair Towers

Stair tower structures, often engineered separately from the primary structure, house the assembled stairs and landings that provide needed access.

Assembled Steel Stairs

Stair stringers and treads are assembled and shipped separately or installed in the stair tower for shipment as a module.

Steel Platforms

As a leading structural steel fabrication company, we are experts in structural steel fabrication, including steel platforms with assembled steel bar grating and handrails for access to valves, manways, etc. for facility operations. We also provide design/build services for access platforms if needed.

Steel Handrails

Southeastern has a separate shop dedicated to the fabrication of OSHA compliant industrial handrails; shipped separately or shop installed.

Steel Ladders

We fabricate OSHA compliant ladders or cages where stairways are not an option for access.

Steel Bar Grating

Southeastern fabricates metal flooring, steel platforms, and metal grating walkways and supplies heavy duty trench bar grating for civil scopes.

Access Steel Industries Served

We serve the access steel needs of facility operators, EPC contractors, general contractors, OEMs in multiple industries.

Power Generation

Waste to Energy


Oil, Gas, & Chemical


Pulp & Paper

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