Custom Steel Autoclaves

Custom autoclaves are used for chemical reactions, contents under pressure, and/or high temperatures.

Custom carbon steel fabrication or stainless-steel fabrication for autoclaves. We design autoclaves that are safe, durable, good quality, and meet compliance standards.

Industrial Steel Autoclaves that Southeastern Construction has Fabricated as a Leading Steel Plate Fabricator

How Industrial Autoclaves Work

Industrial autoclaves facilitate high temperatures and pressures for various processes in many industries. The internal chambers are designed to be cylindrical in shape and are more stable in a high pressure environment. Autoclaves can be used to sterilize infectious waste but can also cure and strengthen composite parts that can withstand harsh environments and/or heavy use. Autoclaves use either steam or electric heat depending on the specific machine and application.

Autoclaves can be heated with:

Wet Steam

Dry Steam

Electric Heat

We create wet steam by using a boiler, while dry steam is generated with the use of a heat exchanger. Some autoclaves rely on electric heat rather than steam heat, and in these cases, the autoclave is heated using electric coils.

Multiple Steel Autoclaves That Have Been Fabricated by Southeastern Construction

Autoclave designs are custom fabricated for a variety of industries.

Autoclaves are custom steel plate fabrications that are provided in sections or in whole at our manufacturing facility. Our inspectors then assure that they’re in compliance with all ASME specifications before they’re transported for assembly or installation.

Industrial Autoclave Applications

Autoclaves are used in many industries. Below are common applications of autoclaves.

Glass Lamination

Medical Waste

Wood Treatment

Rubber Vulcanizing

Core Leaching

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