Theme Park Services Project Feature: Disney World


As a theme park construction company and leading structural steel company, we have served the central Florida theme parks for over 50 years. We continue to provide AESS structural and miscellaneous steel fabrications/installations, including welded structural steel frames, for theme parks. We’re sharing one of our earlier projects we completed in the late 80’s at the happiest place on earth – Disney World.

We made some magic happen by fabricating the structural framework for the swans and clam shells at the Disney Grand Swan Hotel. Our design was cost-effective and eliminated complexity, a prime example of our value engineering.

Theme Park Services

  • Theme Park Value Engineering – Value engineering is an integral part of project delivery; it assures our clients a competitive price while maintaining the integrity of the projects’ vision.
  • Theme Park Site Development – This includes site preparation and grading, excavation, and underground utilities to prepare the site for construction.
  • Theme Park Industrial and Architectural Concrete – Backstage or on show, indoors or outdoors, we meet our clients’ concrete needs. We install structural or architectural concrete for your application.
  • Theme Park Industrial/AESS Fabricated Steel Products – As an experienced structural steel company, we employ BIM and CNC Fabrication technologies assuring our clients’ high quality, competitively priced fabricated steel products, including welded structural steel frames.
  • Theme Park Industrial/AESS Steel Installations – We are a theme park construction company that can meet or exceed our clients’ on–site needs safely, on schedule, and within budget.

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