The Future of Fabricating Steel Products

From the aerospace to agricultural industry, the process of fabricating steel products is constantly evolving. Structural steel companies, like ours, are committed to constant education and improvement as new technology and increased demand emerges for structural steel fabrications.

Demand for Fabricators

Structural steel fabricators are becoming more in demand, primarily due to reshoring, which is the return of fabrication jobs to the U.S. There are many factors driving this change including developments in technology and the rising costs of steel fabrication services overseas. Reshoring is on track to create more manufacturing jobs in the US than foreign direct investment for the third year in a row in 2022. The wave of manufacturing jobs from reshoring is projected to crest at 400,000 jobs by the end of the year, a 35% increase of 2021’s total of 261K. [1]

Evolving Technology

Technology is constantly advancing in the world of fabricating steel products. There is more automation in custom steel fabrication with new equipment which allows for dangerous activities or activities that don’t need a skilled hand to be carried out by machinery. Structural steel fabrication tasks can be completed more quickly and with more precision since human elements and errors are lessened. This in turn allows for steel fabricators to reduce time and wasted materials. Visit our Equipment page to learn more about our structural steel fabrication facilities and machines that we utilize.

With over 50 years of experience fabricating steel products, we are ready to serve the future growing and ever-changing fabrication needs of companies across the United States. Contact us today to discuss your next steel fabrication project.



  1. “Reshoring Bringing 400k Manufacturing Jobs to U.S. in 2022”





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