The Importance of Structural Steel Fabrication BIM Software

At Southeastern Construction, we employ the latest BIM software technology to best serve our clients. At Southeastern, we utilize Tekla Structures to assist us in our structural steel fabrication facilities. We derive data from the software to drive our CNC machinery. Some of the processing machinery we utilize for structural steel fabrication includes:

  • Controlled Automation Beam Lines
  • Controlled Automation Angle Lines
  • Controlled Automation GPF Plate Fabricator
  • Controlled Automation Multimax Shape Cutting Machine
  • DAVI MCP 9 CNC Structural Roll
  • EMI Handrail Fabricator with Laser Layout Control

3D modeling software facilitates the creation of a virtual prototype of the steel frame; one of the most important functions of BIM software a modern steel fabricator uses. Data from the model can feed into many businesses processes. [1]

Benefits of Structural Steel Fabrication BIM Software

  • Displays all structures with full details – welds, bolts, and access steel
  • Automatic clash feature – ensures costly conflicts are shown in the 3D model, not on the job site
  • A real-time flow of information means enhanced coordination of design, detailing, fabrication, and site operations
  • Drawings, reports, and CNC data can be created from our 3D model to easily share with clients on demand

Overall, structural steel fabrication BIM software allows us to reduce costs for our clients and efficiently deliver accurate and quality structural steel fabrication. Request your quote today to learn how we can assist you with your next project!




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