How Structural Steel Fabrication Benefits Your Industry

Southeastern Construction was incorporated in 1972 to serve the local industrial community, with a focus on the phosphate industry. What started as a local contractor has grown into a national structural steel company, recognized across many industries for our safety, quality, and highly personalized customer service. Our products and services, which range from the essential to the useful, meet our customers’ everyday needs and enhance the way in which our country functions.

  • Power Generation – Structural steel companies allow the power generation industry to produce affordable and reliable power for homes and businesses.


  • Conversion of Waste to Energy – Fabricated structural steel products are an essential element for transforming consumer waste into usable energy.


  • Oil, Gas & Chemical – Producing structural steel fabrication, miscellaneous steel, and steel plate fabrications that are used in the industry’s facilities.


  • Phosphate Production – Offering fabricated structural steel products for mining phosphate and processing fertilizers to grow the healthy food families need.


  • Cement and Aggregate Productions – Providing structural steel fabrication and miscellaneous steel, enabling progress and growth.


  • Pulp and Paper – Apart from producing paper products, pulp is used in the production of renewable energy powering our homes and businesses. We are grateful to support this effort by providing the required fabricated structural steel products.


  • Aerospace Services – The global aerospace market reached a value of nearly $298 billion in 2020. [1] Structural steel fabrication is used to build launch towers and support facilities for placing satellites into space for cellular service, storm tracking, and national security.


  • Theme Parks and Resorts – Assisting in providing recreation and entertainment opportunities for families through theme park industrial installations and theme park site development.


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  1. Global Aerospace Market



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