The Importance of Choosing an AISC Structural Steel Fabricator for Your Project

Choosing a structural steel fabricator for your construction project is an important decision which can determine the trajectory of your project’s quality, completion, and efficiency. You may be debating hiring an AISC certified fabricator. The AISC Quality Management Systems Certification sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most recognized national quality Certification program for that industry. [1] Read on to learn the advantages of utilizing an AISC certified company.

High-Quality Structural Steel Fabrication

AISC structural steel fabricators adhere to the highest level of quality control in the industry that’s specified by AISC. Their structural steel procedures must meet precise standards and be documented in a Quality Management System. Non-certified organizations are not subject to the same level of documentation which can often lead to quality concerns.

The Latest Structural Steel Technology

With an ever-changing structural steel industry, it’s vital to hire an AISC company that is aware of the latest technical developments, building codes, and best practices that come with certification. Southeastern Construction is an AISC structural steel fabricator that employs BIM software to develop highly accurate 3D models of structures and CNC data to drive our processing machinery.

Enhanced Accountability

Certified companies have been through a rigorous initial evaluation and are subject
to annual audits. These evaluations require a comprehensive administrative review, a documentation audit, and an on-site audit of the firm’s quality management system. [1] Working with an AISC structural steel fabricator offers peace of mind that your project is being done correctly.

Highest Level of Safety Precautions
A company that is AISC certified must follow strict safety guidelines to ensure that a project goes forward without any delays or additional costs. They are also required to introduce greater training requirements for employees compared to non-certified firms.

Southeastern Construction is an AISC certified structural steel fabricator that provides all these benefits and more for your projects. We also serve our clients as an AWS Certified Steel Fabricator.

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