Benefits of Structural Steel Modules for Your Project

Southeastern Construction has AISC Certified shops on property dedicated to the fabrication of structural steel weldments and structural steel modules since they play a vital role in industrial construction projects today.

Fabricated in a controlled shop environment, steel modular construction reduces field labor costs and assures a higher level of quality.

Utilizing structural steel modules and welded structural steel frames provides several benefits for your project, like efficiency. Modular construction practices paired with steel’s advanced prefabrication capabilities can help shorten construction schedules. (2)

Structural steel modules also offer consistent quality. There is a high level of quality control in the production of these modules since structural steel fabricators complete most of their work in a fabrication shop using sophisticated equipment to produce accurate and repeatable results. (2)

Southeastern Construction provides a variety of structural steel modules; box trusses, deck frames, pump/motor bases, as well as plate girders to serve the needs of the owner, OEM, EPC, and general contracting communities across the United States.

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