Responsibilities of Structural Steel Companies and Steel Erectors

Structural steel companies are responsible for the fabrication and erection of structural steel and structural steel assemblies.

At Southeastern Construction, we have completed numerous projects throughout the United States. Our 82,000 square foot property allows us to fabricate structural steel, access steel, miscellaneous steel, and heavy structural weldments to the highest quality for our customers. As an AISC certified structural steel company, we employ the latest technologies and finest craftsmen to complete our projects.


What is Structural Steel Fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication can involve structural steel, access steel, heavy structural weldments, and miscellaneous steel. BIM modeling is used to create shop drawings before fabrication takes place.


What is Structural Steel Erection?

The erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of structural steel components into a frame on site as well as the installation of access steel and miscellaneous steel. The processes involve lifting and placing components into position, then connecting them together. Generally, this is achieved through bolting but sometimes site welding is used. (2)


Structural Steel Environment [1]

Steel erectors and steel plate fabricators often work in dangerous environments. Many times, steel erectors must work at great heights or in unfavorable weather conditions. Even though the job has risks, many structural steel companies implement safety protocols to keep workers safe.


What Does a Steel Erector/Fabricator Do? [1]

  • Creates project plans and assembly
  • Verifies the proper alignment of steel frames
  • Correctly positions structural components
  • Uses hand tools and power tools
  • Connects iron and steel components with welding, wires, and bolts
  • Interprets and follows blueprints
  • Cuts and shapes access steel and miscellaneous steel
  • Unloads, stacks, and lifts steel components such as access steel, miscellaneous steel, and structural steel
  • Operates mobile elevated work platforms
  • Follows all safety guidelines
  • Moves steel components into place with cranes, cabling, and forklifts


Since 1972, we have been a structural steel fabricator and industrial site construction company that has completed unique projects for customers across the nation. Our team uses the latest BIM, CNC Fabrication, and project management technologies to ensure our customers receive the highest-quality service.

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