The History of Southeastern Construction

As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year, we wanted to share our story about how Southeastern Construction was created.

Based in Mulberry, Florida, Southeastern Construction began as a “boots on the ground” construction company in January 1972.

During the 1970s, Southeastern Construction played a significant part in building the processing and chemical facilities for the local Florida phosphate industry. The company was also involved in local power generation construction.

By the early 1980s, management noticed the construction of the processing facilities was winding down. So, Southeastern Construction decided to embark on a new business path as a structural steel fabricator. Fabrication shops were built on the 24-acre property, equipment and machinery were purchased, and industrial projects began. The new market strategy proved successful, and Southeastern Construction became a national supplier of fabricated steel products over the years while still maintaining its local construction role.

Today, Southeastern Construction continues to provide clients with structural steel fabrication, as well as construction services from its highly skilled Field Operations team that is licensed in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

Southeastern Construction serves a wide range of industrial markets, including power generation, waste to energy, mining, oil, gas, chemical, agriculture, and pulp and paper. The steel fabrication facility utilizes the latest BIM, CNC fabrication, and project management technologies, ensuring its clients high-quality, competitively priced structural steel fabrications. Southeastern Construction has earned the confidence of a diverse and discerning roster of clientele, serving owners, EPCs, and General Contractors.


At Southeastern Construction, we’re a second-generation family-owned business that is grateful for how far we have come. We give thanks and appreciation to our dedicated team and clients who we owe our success to over the last 50 years!

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