How Modular Structural Steel Fabrications Can Benefit You

Southeastern Construction’s modular construction services are a preferred method of structural steel fabrication for certain applications since it allows fabrication to be completed quickly, efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Our off-site modular fabrication involves the components for a project being fabricated away from the project’s job site in a controlled environment.

Modular construction practices paired with steel’s advanced prefabrication capabilities can help shorten construction schedules. [1] Several factors determine feasibility including project location as it relates to the user’s site, transportability, and internal equipment availability. If viable, process building modules, pipe rack sections, and complete equipment supports can be provided in large structural steel weldments.

Benefits of Our Modular Structural Steel Fabrications
• Design engineering and detailing
• Complete fabrication in a controlled shop environment, assuring a higher degree of quality
• On-site erection in large sections
• Building information modeling (BIM) capabilities early in the module design process increases construction productivity
• Total install cost can be reduced by less rental costs for cranes, site support equipment, and worker facilities

Southeastern Construction has AISC Certified facilities dedicated to heavy structural steel welded frames serving our clients’ needs for modular construction. For your next structural steel fabrication project, request a quote from Southeastern Construction!

1. American Institute of Steel Construction. “Why Steel”

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