Choosing a Fabricator for your Structural Steel Process Buildings

Structural steel process buildings are a necessity in every industry. Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mining & Minerals, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Agricultural industries all require structural steel process buildings to house their processing equipment.

Realizing the proper process building for a particular project begins with the process engineer collaborating with a structural engineer who is experienced in the industry. Process building structural designs are customized to the process engineering parameters, which makes every building unique. After developing the detailed structural steel design, the fabricator then starts working on the project.

Structural steel fabricators begin with the completed detailed design developed by the structural engineer. At Southeastern Construction, we utilize BIM software to develop shop drawings based on this design and create CNC data for our structural processing machinery. The individual components: beam, channel, angle shapes, and plates are processed and staged for assembly. The components are then conveyed or shuttled to fit-up and welding bays for assembly and welding. The fabricated structural steel then receives the specified industrial coating. After Quality Assurance and the appropriate NDE or non-destructive evaluation, the fabricated structural steel is loaded for shipment and delivered to the client’s site to be erected.

It is imperative that the structural steel fabricator is well established on the technology adoption curve in both BIM and CNC processing equipment. BIM software allows the fabricator to display all structures with full details including welds, bolts, and other structural items. They can also utilize the automatic clash checking feature which ensures costly conflicts are shown in the 3D model, not on-site. Through commitment to the latest technology, coupled with a quality skilled labor force, a fabricator can assure a smooth and cost-effective fabrication process.

Since our inception, Southeastern Construction has been an early adopter of new technologies for drawing and fabrication machinery as they were developed. We now employ the latest BIM and CNC processing technologies at our state-of-the-art facilities. Our AISC Certified facilities, staffed with skilled craftsmen, have been supplying the industrial markets with high-quality, competitively priced fabricated structural steel since 1972. Contact us today for your structural steel process building needs!

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